TOKK™ by Pred Technologies

Smart Wearable Assistant

TOKK™ Smart Wearable Assistant is a hands-free device ready for any occasion! It’s cutting edge technology is modern and adds flair to any wardrobe! This smart device is perfect for anyone on the go and has many functions! Ask Siri or Google Now anything, take calls, play music and much more without the need to see or touch your phone. It’s as easy as a click of a button!


  • Multi Function Button: answer/hang up calls,
    Play/Pause music, Activate your voice control smart assistant.
  • 40 hours stand by time, 4 hours continuous usage time, 1 hour charge time
  • Connects via Bluetooth®
  • IOS, Android and Windows compatible
  • Universal Micro-B USB port for easy charging (included)


Discover the power of your voice. Double-click TOKK’s multi-function button to activate your smart voice control.


Simply tap the device to answer calls while you’re exercising, working, or simply too busy. TOKK enables you to stay focused and in the moment while connected.


“Smart Speaker” means more than just technology. Lightweight and wearable, TOKK was designed to maximize ease of use, Use + or – Volume on TOKK to activate the Remote Shutter function, perfect for selfies!


A portable speaker that attaches to any garment, TOKK allows you and your friends to enjoy music wherever you go. Stream your music continuously via TOKK’s bluetooth connection from any bluetooth enabled device.


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