TOKK™ by Pred Technologies


This is the first projector which automatically retracts with industry leading DLP display technology. It’s HD 1080p compatible and supports 4K resolution. It can project an image up to 300” diagonal from just a few feet away with its 150 lumens of brightness, making it suitable for use in environments where there is low ambient light.


  • Wireless with Rechargeable Battery (Play time 2 hours unplugged) &
  • Connects via WIFI (2.4Ghz and 5Ghz) or Bluetooth (high fidelity stereo)
  • Picture perfect and perfect sound with built-in speaker 3W hifi stereo-cinema grade.
  • Best for all entertainment: Android 9.0 platform with pre-uploaded App (Netflix, Prime Video, Youtube…, multiple input: HDMI, USB, 3.5mm mini Jack, and support multi device wireless screen mirroring (Ios, Android…)
  • Easy operation: intelligent automatic telescoping multitouch & IR remote control.


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