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TOKK Fingerprint TSA Lock

This TSA-approved lock only needs your fingerprint to open

DEAL NEWS – The TOKK TSA-Approved Fingerprint Lock will only open to the swipe of your finger — and you can get this biometric security stalwart for just $44.99 with this best-on-the-web offer.

Did you know that 98% of the keys used for opening handheld padlocks are eventually lost?

To be honest, we don’t know definitively that that statistic is correct. But, c’mon, you know that number has to be close, right? Those tiny keys that you stash in a drawer or slip into the cupholder of your car are eventually swept away to vanish without a trace.

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TOKK Fingerprint TSA Lock

here are many reasons why you might want a reliable and affordable lock that’s small enough to carry around and use when securing things like luggage, backpacks, lockers, and more. The one thing that stinks about locks is you typically need to keep track of a key or remember a combination. This option flips the script. It also comes designed with sturdy anti-theft construction and a long standby time of up to three months. For convenience, you can unlock it with a single touch, and the lock’s 360-degree sensor means you can touch it on any side to activate it.

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Go into the new year feeling safe in your home. There’s nothing better than having peace of mind knowing you and your family have proper security. If you would like to secure a space in your life, whether it’s your home, office, garage, you name it, you don’t always want the camera to be glaringly obvious. Check it our on the NY Post!


“Consumer Electronics Purchase Intent is Highest for Smartphones this Holiday” great news for our TOKK™ Smart Wearable Assistant!

Check out the top 4 internet upcoming trends of 2023. Highest purchase looks like accessories for smartphones, great news for out TOKK™ Smart Wearable Assistant! Where our Smart Wearable Assistant helps aid your smart phone and making it hands free. Get it for the holiday season for your gift bags for friends and families.

TOKK™ Smart Wearable Assistant is a hands-free device ready for any occasion! It’s cutting edge technology is modern and adds flair to any wardrobe! This smart device is perfect for anyone on the go and has many functions! Ask Siri or Google Now anything, take calls, play music and much more without the need to see or touch your phone. It’s as easy as a click of a button!


TOKK Cam C2+

The TOKK Cam C2+ was featured in Mashable!  If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to have an extra pair of eyes, look no further than the TOKK™ CAM C2+ Discreet Day/Night Vision Camera. With this portable, ultra-compact Wi-Fi camera, you can instantly stream and/or record crystal clear video in 1280x720P. Use it as a security camera, wearable body camera, or as a dashcam in your car! It conveniently and magnetically attaches to any metal surface and features stunning night vision capabilities, giving you endless options of where and when you can use it. And, with a built-in mic, you can conveniently pick up high-quality sound from whatever you’re recording. Check out the article and click here!


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