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TOKK™ Fingerprint Travel Lock PL4

Get rid of the need and the hassle for keys or combinations with the TOKK Travel Fingerprint Lock. This fingerprint lock uses biometric authentication technology to provide quick, secure access to your valuables. You can use it to lock your backpack, laptop bag, or carry-on while you’re on the go and easily access what’s inside in an instant with just a fingerprint. The TOKK lock lets you program up to 10 fingerprints and features a super fast opening reaction time of less than 0.5 seconds. You can lock and unlock it up to 100 times on a single charge and enjoy up to 6 months of standby time batty life. It’s even weatherproof, which means it can withstand any outside temperatures.


Super compact and strong, designed for travel and leisure, programs up to 10 fingers, color and sound indicator for easy status updates.

  • Program up to 10 Fingerprints
  • Unlock 100 times on 1 charge and Up to 6 months on Standby time
  • Super fast Reaction Time <0.5 seconds or less
  • 3 Color and Sound Indicators for easy Status update
  • Support 360-degree angel fingerprint reading
  • Resolution 508 DPI
  • Super Durable Steel Shackle of 0.15″Ø
  • Long Lasting USB Rechargeable Battery Battery 3.7V 80mAh
  • Weatherproof: -4ºF To 158ºF
  • Dimensions 1.5″L x 0.5″W x 2.45″H


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