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Smart Wireless Earbuds with LED laser light

Go on late afternoon runs and be bright. These glowing headphones give your run safety and a cool fun look. Be spotted when running or walking along any road at night. Keeps drivers aware and you in the clear. This pair of premium sound earbuds with a super bass sound and glowing cable (Opti-Fiber Hybrid) is designed for comfort and stability. Customized kevlar compound material makes the sound resolution reach the maximum of moving-coil driver


  • Bluetooth
  • Waterproof
  • Black Color Available
  • Output Power 5W
  • Frequency Range 20Hz-25kH
  • Stand-by 200Hrs Battery
  • 6.5Hrs with Laser OFF and 3Hrs with Laser ON
  • Dimensions 600mm
  • Weight 22g


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