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Compact & Simple! Plug & Play!

Charge your phone & backup automatically your photos, videos, contacts and more…

TOKK™ Photo Cube range will automatically backup your most precious moments! Our super easy plug and play solution automatically backs up all data (calendar, contact, photos & videos and more…) every time you charge your phone! Anytime, anywhere! Backup never stops! Our photo cube supports multiple devices. Smart backup design sends you a reminder notification when the memory card is full! It will also resume backing from where you left off last time. It’s fast and efficient!

TOKK™ PHOTO CUBE All in one plug and play includes:

Our TOKK™ Photo Cube + Wall Charger,+ Multi Standards Cables (Lightning / USB type C / Micro USB), and a 64 GB microSD card.


– Multi-standard iOS/Android backup solution.

– Compatible with all iOS and Android smart devices.

– USB interface for Easy & Universal use.

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TOKK Photo Cube


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