Connected Mom Reviews Tokk

Well Connected Mom reviews Tokk the Smart Wearable Assistant.

Here is what Lori Cunnigham from Well Connected Mom has to say about Tokk.

Whether pushing a stroller, carrying a baby, making lunches or dinners, working at the computer, or washing the dog, Moms need an extra set of hands when a phone call comes in.

Natural multitasker’s, Moms hate to miss a call, for fear it’s the school calling to tell her that her child is sick or perhaps a call concerning her aging parents.

The TOKK Hands-free Smart Speaker is a convenient solution that connects through Bluetooth to your phone and allows you to answer…or make calls right from TOKK.

Yes, Mom could wear one of those Bluetooth wireless mics over her ear all day, but that’s not very comfortable…or fashionable!

With just one touch of its large central button, TOKK hands-free smart speaker can receive calls.  Or Mom can make a call hands-free using voice dialing through Siri, Google Now, and Cortana.

But there’s more TOKK can do.  Moms can stream music from their phones or tablets too.  And best yet, where Mom moves, the music moves with her…as long as it is within range of the Bluetooth signals.  You can even turn the volume up and down right on the TOKK speaker.

So how does TOKK attach?  It has a built-in magnetic clip that flips over the side of a shirt, lapel, etc.  It works pretty well unless you’re holding something that might break the magnetic force, like a bag over your shoulder.

The TOKK Hands-free Speaker can last around 40 hours on standby and up to 4 hours of continuous use.  It takes approximately 1 hour to charge.  TOKK will be one of Mom’s Valentine’s Day gifts she’ll use a lot.

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