Curatigo reviews Tokk

Curatigo reviews Tokk, the Smart wearable assistant.

Here is what Varun Aggarwal, Co founder of Curatigo has to say about Tokk.

Introducing TOKK, the smart wearable assistant. With a magnetic clip, you can attach this device to any article of clothing to keep your music nearby. The built-in Bluetooth connection is compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled device. But, TOKK is more than just a speaker.

Ultra lightweight, the TOKK Wearable is a smart assistant device. Effortless to wear, it offers everyday conveniences. Simply tap the device to answer calls while you’re working out, working, or simply busy. Additionally, you can tap the button to access voice control systems such as Siri or Google Assistant. The TOKK Wearable enables you to stay in the moment and focused while connected. On the side of this revolutionary wearable is a microphone with active noise cancellation as well as a volume toggle. Finally, the TOKK Wearable also functions as a shutter button for totally hands-free selfies.

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