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Can I place the television behind my own bathroom mirror?

If you place a screen behind your bathroom mirror, no image will be displayed because the tint that makes up traditional mirrors makes them opaque. Of course, it is possible to place a television behind an adapted mirror, but it is not recommended to do so without the help of a specialist. First of all, your safety and that of the installation are at stake: you must make sure that the TV you are going to place behind the mirror is sufficiently waterproof, as is the case with TOKK™’s built-in TVs thanks to their IPX4 (rear panel) or IP65 (front panel) waterproof rating. On the other hand, the specificities of a consumer TV are different and less expensive than the products offered by TOKK™. TOKK™’s mirror TVs use tiles with a brightness ranging from 250 to 1000 cd/m2 when a standard TV purchased in the shops will display a brightness between 140 and 200 cd/m2 at most. Low brightness combined with a poor quality mirror will result in a disappointing picture quality. Rather than DIY a “home-made” TV mirror, why not take a standard size TOKK™ TV Mirror that you can simply hang on the wall? This will guarantee you an installation that will last over time without jeopardizing your safety or that of your family.

Where to place the power supply for the TV set in the bathroom?

The mirror TV power supply can be installed anywhere that it does not come into contact with water and wherever there is no heavy condensation. We suggest that customers store the adapter in a niche where additional peripheral devices (such as a DVD player, hard drive,…) can be placed or in a bathroom cabinet placed on the wall where your waterproof mirror TV is already installed. Note that it is also possible to hide some peripherals (Amazon key, Apple TV,… ) as well as the power supply behind the wall or the TV, if the situation allows it and if it is acceptable for the customer because it will be more delicate to intervene in case of need (as for example in the case of a change of peripheral).

Can I put my mirror TV over a bathtub or at the bottom of a shower?

TOKK™ bathroom TVs are waterproof and can be placed anywhere, even in the wettest places like a shower or over a bathtub, because they are not afraid of getting wet, they are designed for that!

An IPX4 rating means that the electrical device is protected against water splashes from all directions.

An IP65 protection rating means that the device is protected against water jets coming from all directions with a hose (6.3 mm nozzle, distance 2.5 to 3 m, flow rate 12.5 l/min ±5 %)

It is up to you to choose the model with the IP rating that best suits your installation.

Can my remote control go in the water?

All our waterproof mirror TVs are delivered with a waterproof remote control according to the IP66 standard. This means that this remote control is protected against strong water jets coming from all directions with a hose (12.5 mm nozzle, distance 2.5 m to 3 m, flow rate 100 l/min ±5 %). As you can see, it will not fear water jets and other projections. On the other hand it will be necessary to take care not to immerse it in water.

Can we put a mirror TV in another room than the bathroom?

The Mirror TV is designed to be moisture and water resistant, thanks to its IP65/IPX4 sealing. That’s why it is mainly used in bathrooms. However, more and more of our customers install a mirror TV in a living room, a bar area, a bedroom, in a gym, in a swimming pool or SPA area, in the credenza of a kitchen or in the overmantel of a fireplace. Thus, your television set at the cutting edge of technology becomes a real object of decoration integrating perfectly without distorting your interior, whether it is classic or modern.

How to clean your tv mirror ?

Each TOKK™ TV is covered with a high-end anti-trace tempered glass slab of 5 mm thickness that keeps a high level of transparency for an ultra-bright image with striking colors. But how to clean it without damaging it? Nothing could be easier! just use a clean, soft and dry chiffon. Do not use any chemical substances, such as wax, benzene, alcohol, solvents, insecticides, deodorizers, lubricants or detergents. These chemicals can alter the appearance of the mirror. A simple alcohol-free glass cleaner will prove to be the most effective product.

How does the anti-fogging function work?

The LCD panels on our mirror TVs use LED backlight technology. The heat emitted by the LEDs during operation heats up the mirror and effectively prevents condensation and fogging. Your mirror TV will always stay clear!

How does the sound work on a mirror TV?

Some brands offer mirror TVs with openings in the front to let the sound through, which poses problems in terms of waterproofing and spoils the aesthetics of a TV mirror. To overcome these shortcomings, TOKK™’s range of built-in TV mirrors use a unique and innovative technology, integrating vibrating speakers under the glass panel. The vibrating mirror becomes a resonance box and allows the restitution of a clear and powerful sound. The aesthetics of the mirror is preserved, nothing can make think that a screen is hidden behind the mirror.

What happens if an object hits the TV mirror?

The mirror is a glass plate, more or less thick, and as such it can break if an object hits it. But don’t worry: the mirrors used by TOKK™ are made of tempered glass: this type of glass has a unique characteristic, safe fragmentation. This property allows it to break into small pieces of glass that remain together in case of glass breakage. These glass fragments have rounded shapes and are therefore not dangerous.

What sizes of mirror screens are available?

The TOKK™ Mirror TV range is the widest on the market, offering ten different diagonals ranging from 39 cm to 190 cm. Some of these diagonals are available with ultra-high brightness screens for an even brighter picture, even in the brightest rooms.



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