TOKK™: 5 of the Coolest Things We Saw at CEWEEK

Last year, our Smart Wearable Assistant TOKK was making news during CEWEEK, Happy to say that we have now launched our TOKK 2.0, faster, louder and connects with more devices…

Pred Technologies Tokk

If you’re looking for a device you can stream music and hands-free calling to without having anything in, on, or over your ears, then check out the Tokk, from Pred Technologies. It’s a wearable Bluetooth speaker that quickly and easily clips to your clothing magnetically, the strap of your backpack, or anywhere its rubbery strap can wrap around. When attached and paired with your device of choice, you can stream audio while remaining fully connected with the world around you; have a conversation, be aware of vehicles when running outside, or listen for the doorbell at home. Tokk is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows, and works with your phone’s digital assistants. Active noise cancellation helps to keep phone calls clear, and buttons on the Tokk let you manage calls, volume, and audio playback. When fully charged, you get up to four hours of continuous use and up to 40 hours of standby.

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