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S6 how to use TOKK CAM outside as a Dash Cam or Body Cam

How to connect your TOKK Cam S6

1/ Camera off
2/ Download the app IcookyCam (Skip this if you have downloaded it already)
3/ Plug the Camera to charge
4/ wait 30 seconds and open your phone settings, Wifi and elect Icookyxxx to appear and select it. even if it says connected but no internet it is ok.
5/ wait another 30 seconds and then open the App Icookycam.
6/ you should see device loading. wait and when “do you want to connect yo the router appears, select cancel.
If device loading does not appear the select the + sign, then not been connected to the router, then next, then select the check mark (upper right corner)
when “do you want to connect yo the router appears, select cancel.
7/ you should get a black window, press the play button in the middle, this should show you the live view of the camera.

8/ now you can connect the camera to your home wifi.
9/ in the live view mode, press the settings (wheel) on the upper right corner
10/ select Wifi settings, check on the list of wifi your wifi, and select it, then type your password, and type connect.
11/ the camera will start connecting to your wifi, and when it is done, you should get a message successful connection.

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