We have decided to join the effort to fight COVID 19

With the support of some of our partners, we created a line of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to help fight the Corona Virus (COVID 19).

TOKK™ Air Flow
Personal Air Purifier Mask with N95 Grade Filter

TOKK™ Personal Air Purifier

The exertion of breathing against the resistance of a filter coupled with the build-up of CO2 can be exhausting and lead to negative side effects like headaches, dizziness, and unnecessary exposure to moisture, which in turn, can foster micro-organisms and deterioration of mucus membranes.

The TOKK Personal Air Purifier can protect against the inhalation of microparticles PM2.5 with 95% filtration. A built-in fan draws in clean air and expells CO2 whilst lowering temperatures around the nose and mouth and reducing humidity within the mask by up to 40%.


  • Certifications: FDA-approved, SGS Anti-virus Tested, N95 Mask Protective Efficiency Test, FCC, CE.
  • Includes: 1 Mask & 2 Filters, 1 Outer Cover, USB charging cable, Manual

-Designed for viruses
-3 fan speeds to fit breathing style
-Discreet design
-Designed to fit all faces of different sizes
-Battery is rechargeable; built-in 600mAh Li-Ion battery
-N95 non-woven cover is washable and mask can be sterilized for reuse (caution: do not wash mask due to battery content).
-Medical Grade Water-based construction
-Active Exhaust Valve
-Expels moisture and heat
-Change filter every 24hrs
-Lightweight; 110g/3.88oz
-Time for full charge: 1.5hrs
-Use time: 3-8hrs
-Quiet fan: 41dB

Non-Contact Infrared Body Thermometer

Free shipping Continental US (1-3 days)

Medical Grade Instant Digital Thermometer for kids, infants, and adults.

  • Dual-mode: Body Temperature and Surface Temperature
  • Light and Compact, easy to carry, Product size: 3.7”x1.6”x6.4” (L*W*H), Product weight: 4.3 ounces
  • Measuring range: Body Temperature Mode: 90°F- 109°F & Surface/Objects : 32°F-212°F
  • Measurement accuracy: ± 0.4°F to ± 0.5°F
  • Measuring distance: 1 cm to 3 cm
  • Measurement time: <3 seconds
  • Memory recall: 32
  • Automatic shutdown after 15 seconds
  • Large LCD Display for easy reading( including a Smiley Emoji for Visual understanding)
surgical masks

3-Layer Protective Face Masks

100 k available to ship

Disposable 3-layer face masks, anti dust and anti droplets, breathable and comfortable one size fits all, high quality filter material, with perfect edging for professional protection.

– Dimensions: H 9.5cm x W 17.5 cm

-3 layers: Outer layer non-woven layer; Middle layer Filter Melt-blown, Inner layer Soft Fiber non-woven layer.
– Filtration Efficiency: BFE ≥ 95% & PFE ≥ 95% @ 0.1 micron
– Fluid Resistance: 80 mmHg
– Breathability – Delta P: < 4.0 mm H2O/cm2
– Flame Spread: Class 1
– Safe and breathable.
– Hypoallergenic, high filtration capacity.
– Elastic ear-loops with no pressure on the ears.
– FDA & CE Certifications.
– Standards: China YY/T 0969-2013 (Disposal Surgical Mask) and
EN 149:2001+A1:2009 (Disposal Mask)

Full Face Protective Shield Visors
(3 models)

1 week to ship

Reusable transparent breathable full face plastic visors, protect eyes and anti drool splash-proof.

This product consists of a protective cover made of polymer material, a foam strip and fixtures. Used by medical institutions and health professionals for protection during examination and treatment, blocking body fluids, blood splashers or splatters.

PV1A: Standard Adult
Dims: H. 20cm x W. 33 cm (0.25mm thick)

PV1C: Standard Children
Dims: H. 19cm x W. 26 cm (0.25mm thick)

PV1A+: Adult with Anti Fog Treatment
Dims: H 20cm x W 33 cm (0.25mm thick)

– Full Facial Protection from droplets, saliva, splash, oil and dust.
– Double-sided waterproof and dustproof. The foam head strip and fixing device hold shield away from face, allowing room for goggles and/or glasses.
– Clear visor for maximum visibility.
– FDA & CE Certifications.
– Standards:
– PV1A Medical Mask Visor Certified EN166:2001
– Ansi Z87.1-2015

Protective Safety Goggles

1 week to ship

Protective safety goggles, indirect vent that allow maximum airflow and superior ventilation, clear lens with adjustable strap.

– One Size Fits Most & Adjustable Straps for Secure Fit and Comfort
– Chemical Safety Goggles with Clear, Fog Free Lens.
– Wide, Clear Field of Vision and Can Be Worn with Most Half-Mask Respirators.

These protective goggles include 2 vents that allow maximum airflow and superior ventilation.

Designed for Maximum Protection Against Particles, Chemical Splash and Moderate Impacts.

– Standards: Ansi Z87.1-2015

Disposable Aseptic Surgical protective clothing

14 days of production time and 4 days shipping

Provide barrier and protection for medical personnel and other personnel in contact with potentially infectious patients’ blood, body fluids, secretions, particulates in the air, etc. at work.

– Material group: non-woven fabric and breathable film composite material
– Medical grade: non-woven composite medical transparent film
– Aseptic processing method: Ethylene oxide sterilization. The sterilization period is 1 year. Ethylene oxide needs to be cleaned up and expedited. 7 days
– Medical Executive Standard: GB19082-2009
– Production time : 100,000pcs 14 days.


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